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Pay Tuition To Help Your Cool Girl Have Fun with Peers and e-STEAM!

Hello, Cool Families!

Thank you for registering your Cool Girl in our fun and educational e-STEAM sessions for the spring semester from January 5-May 19, 2016.

Please make sure your daughter has a healthful snack to enjoy right after school and appropriate clothing for the weather and activities, some of which can be messy. That’s science and art!

To pay now, please scroll to the links toward the end of this page and select the program and payment type for which you are registering.

Ten reasons to support your Cool Girl:

  • Cool Girls have fun!
  • This is their club: They choose the topics and evaluate our activities.
  • Friendly mentors follow their lead and become influential role models.
  • They experience how e-STEAM is relevant to their personal and academic lives.
  • Research shows that they are more likely to stick with STEM as they grow older and succeed in higher-paying STEM careers if they choose to pursue them.
  • Children who engage in after-school academic enrichment programs perform better in school, and their siblings are likely to follow their example.
  • Hands-on, inquiry-based activities ensure plenty of opportunity for innovation as they use the scientific and engineering methods for both the arts and sciences.
  • As they write and draw in their science journals, they develop critical thinking.
  • They gain confidence through presentations and exercising their creativity.
  • Family members have fun as mentors, committee members and on field trips.

No girl is turned away for financial reasons. Please contact Mary Golden, Director, at coolgirls.scienceart (at) to apply for a confidential payment plan or a need-based partial scholarship if you have not done so already.

The full spring semester 2016 tuition of $432 for the Tuesday group (grades 1-3) is calculated from January 5 – May 17 at the same hourly rate as last semester of $13 per hour for 19 meetings of 1.75 hours each from 2:30-4:15 p.m(If you need an extra 15 or so minutes for pickup, please advise Mary; there is no late fee.)

The full spring semester 2016 tuition of $555 for the Thursday group (grades 4-5) is calculated from January 7 – May 19 at the same hourly rate as last semester of $13 per hour for 19 meetings of 2.25 hours each from 2:30-4:45 p.m(If you need an extra 15 or so minutes for pickup, please advise Mary; there is no late fee.)

Tuition may be paid in either one, two or three equal payments beginning the first day of attendance and ending no later than May 1. Actually, we are very flexible and if you need another schedule, just ask Mary.

For the Tuesday group, one payment would be $432, two payments would be $216 each, and three payments would be $144 each.

For the Thursday group, one payment would be $555, two payments would be $277.50 each, and three payments would be $185 each.

Registration will be confirmed only after the online pre-application for new students, or an updated email for returning Cool Girls, is complete and full or initial payment has been received, or other payment arrangements have been confirmed with Mary.

Cool Girls cannot prorate for classes missed after the date of the meeting for which your child is first registered, nor provide a refund afterward.

If your child begins late in the term, tuition will be prorated from the date of her first attendance. Please contact Mary to confirm the amount due and pay by clicking the Scholarship button below or send a check with your daughter as agreed.

There is no additional charge for weekend field trips unless an institution such as a museum charges its own fee. Families are encouraged to participate. Below is a photo from a recent Cool Girls fossil-collecting expedition. Each child brought home a small marine fossil. We also discovered a very large spider and a rare plant, Physaria bellii.

When you click the Add to Cart button, your browser will open a new window at the PayPal website. If you would like to pay the same amount of tuition for more than one child, you can do that directly on the PayPal site by increasing the quantity on the displayed invoice. You may also send a check with your daughter.

Alternatively, if you wish to pay a different amount for an additional child, please select Continue Shopping on the PayPal site to add another payment.

Grades 1-3, Tuesday

Grades 4-5, Thursday



If you have a confirmed scholarship agreement, please click the Scholarship button below, then enter and pay the agreed amount. Contact Mary with any questions.



Several girls may need partial scholarships. If you would like to help sponsor a child, please click “Donate”, which will take you to the Donate PayPal page where you can enter any amount. For example:

$100 will cover approximately one month’s meetings
$200 will provide a substantial scholarship to a family in need

Cool Girls Science and Art Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization staffed primarily by volunteers. With your help, we offer payment plans and partial scholarships to ensure that no girl is excluded for financial reasons.

Your contribution is tax-deductible. As with a university, tuition does not cover the full costs of our program and we rely upon fundraising to supplement the thousands of hours mentors donate each year and supplies. Please connect us with others who share our mission.


Mary Golden, Director

“For my brothers it was easy to think about the future. They can be anything they want. But for me it was hard and for that reason I wanted to become educated and empower myself with knowledge.” …Nobel Prize laureate, teenager Malala Yousafzai

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